Wednesday, 3 August 2011

330th issue: Messages

Today I got my iphone 4G working. While I was trying to understand this strange object, I found new things from Facebook: a forgotten message box. And this box had many messages from my readers! I'm very thankful for everybody for contacting me and seeing the effort to send me messages. It was my bad that I haven't been aware of this secret mailbox on FB!

From now on I will be checking this mailbox more often, because surely the messages I got, cheered me up a lot. Sometimes I feel like I'm just writing to the walls and just random visitors end up in my blog. I' m just writing and sending my thoughts and ideas to cyber space.

If you feel contacting me, please send me message on FB here, or send me e-mail.

I love to help people, because when I was traveling I got help from so many people. Sharing is caring, as I always say. I do my best and answer the questions about Helsinki (or Finland) as good as I can. Helsinki is my playground, so I do know this city well. Also I know lot's of people, so I can always find answers from somewhere if my own head isn't enough.

Thank you again for reading me. It means so much for me. And sorry I don't have that comment box, I just have so bad experiences of them (e.g. Helsingin Sanomat - Helsinki Daily - has comment box after every news and people write always there nonsense and try to get into a fight. Faceless everything is so much easier.......)


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