Wednesday, 3 August 2011

329th issue: Autumn vibes


The days are getting shorter, nights colder. You can feel autumn coming. It's almost over, the summer is gone. Almost.

I was walking today in the street and every other person were commeting the weather, which sure did have autumn vibes in it. I can't believe it's over. It all went so fast. What did I do?

Some people say that it's so wrong that during the summer there are heaps of street parties and festivals, and during the winter... nothing. Summer offers plenty of free concerts (like almost every weekend there has been something in Alppipuisto - for free!) During the winter there are gigs and concerts, but still they suck sertain kind of people in them. Like the festivals in Alppipuisto sucked all kinds of people and it was a good opportunity to meet all kinds of friends, not only "the ones that hang always in that one bar"....

Personally I have decided to be very active for next 5 months. My plan is to workworkwork and in January I will go to Japan.

Finland is very difficult country to live in. Just think about the climate differences: during the winter it can be -30°C and the weather is so dry that you skin starts to peel, and then during the summer it can be +30°C and so humid that it feels like in some tropical country. Imagine what this all does to our skin. Also after all these climate changes there are those mental stuff that activate when it's dark and we don't get enough vitamine D.

So, I'm preparing.

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