Friday, 26 August 2011

256th issue: I could be in love

Yeah, sometimes life surprises. Actually my life surprises me a thousand times a day. Last time it happened 10 minutes ago. I'm not joking. I can't tell it right now, but the result can be seen later...

So what's up in my lovelife?
Well, I wrote about a month (?) ago that I'm in love and blah blah blah. After he never answered to my feelings, I got fed up. The last moments were in Flow festival when I saw him. I didn't feel anything towards him anymore. The feeling was dead. Gone.

It's strange when feelings just die. The magic disappears.


I was in Flow on sunday. Everything was fine, I still didn't have hangover. Wow. Then there was a guy part of my friends group, but I didn't know him. Anyway our eyes caught each other. It last for something like 0.25 seconds and then we both continued what we were doing. But I felt something straight away when our eyes caught each other. I haven't been feeling like this for a long time!

Honestly, for over one year I havent been looking for guys. Ok, I have been ending up in some guys homes, but I never was really interested about going there. That other guy (with who I was in love) was just on my mind and I was thinking that he just is the only one for me. Or that he is the only on that makes me FEEL something.

Flow ended, life continued. After maybe one day my friend added photos from Flow. One picture was picture of me and this guy with who our eyes caught each other Facebook liked that picture. Then we started to comment in our friends status together. Then he started to Facebook poke me.

Then I sent him an email. He answered. We sent each other emails almost the whole night. Next day he asked me to be his FB friend. I become his friend. Then I put in my status something like "Tomorrow Berlin, accommodation needed". After a few minutes this guy told me that I could go and stay at his apartment in Berlin. Yes.

Then we met and everything went well. I could be in love.

I went to Berlin and stood at his place (he was in Finland).

This all happened in... 5 days. Our eyes just caught each other and I got keys to his home. Have you ever heard this kind of story? Wow. Why have I been hanging behind a guy who only gives me crap, when there are this kind of guys in the wild?

So, I could be in love, but I'm trying not to. I trust in the fact that time will show everything.

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