Saturday, 30 July 2011

327th issue: HEAVY METAL!!!

I have been busy. Busy on what? Workin! Working on what? Working as normal people, as a bartender, to get real money instead of monopoly money or student points.

Where I work is a heavy bar! YES! a heavy metal bar. Something so not me, but it's good to see that scene too. And I can say: it's bloody fun!

Yesterday before gig they were showing MANOWAR gig video from the screen. And people were insane: they were moshing around dancing, yelling, singing... wow. It all was like full on, no one was checking anyone out "ugh, that guy has wrong kind of Manowar shirt on", no, no. Everybody were just having fun. Ok, it was 80% men, but they were all so polite and nice. And sophisticated. Also these guys didn't seem like depressed or anxious. I can bet they were all musical in some way.

The only dresscode was probably : a Manowar t - shirt.

I strated to think about heavy metal scenery, and I like it like this. I don't like the one which is mixed slightly with gothic style. I like it this simply as these guys were. It wasn't like in some electronic music gig, where 5 guys play synth and one sings with a mickey mouse voice about how difficult life is.

And this is the cross point: I'm used to listen to songs about how difficult life is, how politics are crap and love love blah blah blah. What are heavy metal songs about? I strated to check out Manowar lyrics...

"Hear me calling
Can't you hear my death tone
Hear me calling
Can't you hear my death tone
Hear me ride
On into the night
Pull along side
If you're looking for a fight, yeah!
My social workers
Got me on a chain
Keeps me out of jail
So the paper prints his name, yes it does, and he likes it
Unemployment checks
Run out next week
It won't be very long
'Til I'm back on the streets again"

Manowar - Death tone

As you can see, all the song's are kind of stories, stories filled with metaphoras. They are not like "I'm depressed / I want to die / you broke my heart / It's not a lie / so follow me / when I lead / down from the cliff / falls my head" (I should start making songs :D)

If you want to experience heavy metal scene in Helsinki, there are a few bars to do that:

- Bar Bäkkäri (metal/gothic/glam)

- Dom (metal)

And smaller bars can be found in Iso Roba.

Ps. If you haven't seen Anvil documentry, you should watch it. It's very good!

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