Thursday, 28 July 2011

325th issue: Päivi Räsänen again...

Today newspapers wrote about politician Päivi Räsänen (Christan democrats), who announced yesterday her opinion about the law going along mass murderers. For examlpe in Finland if someone kills 50 people, a killer gets sentence max 30 years in prison, but can get free after 12 years.

Päivi Räsäsnen was known for her negative opinions about gay marriages. I wrote about them here

So, what did Räsänen say yesterday?

"There should be a life long sentence for them who does particularly cruel crime. It shouldn't be shorten."

(free translation by me, whole news in Finnish found here)

NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Räsänen made a B-I-N-G-O... why? Because with this simple statement she got sympathy from people. Yes, from those people who were against her before. Are her negative opinions about gay people going to be forgotten now? She says something so clear as heaven nd people start to like her. I think there weren't anyone who would have disagreed her, no way. But anyone could had said this - anyone who has a little bit of moral and heart.

Fuck you Räsänen, don't try to collect all fishes from the net. I hate politics, I hate how it effects people and how it can even rule people.

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