Monday, 25 July 2011

320th issue: Jornalism in Finland, again and again....

Many people in Finland are shocked: Markus Määttänen - a journalist of Aamulehti - wrote from different kind of perspective why A. B. Breivik did his acts in Norway. If I squeeze everything, it went like this "A. B. Breivik haven't got laid for a while and because of sexual furstration he did his acts." (Here you can read from Jezebel the story in English)

Markus Määttänen has caused a very negative wave towards Aamulehti with his words. And if I was Määttänen, I would be scared to walk outside at the moment. This thing is serious.

If I can tell my opinion, it's that I don't think Breivik had problems on getting laid. He had that golf-player look. He didn't look like a killer at all, you know how mass murderers often look - a little bit untidy. C'mon, Breivik had a Lacoste shirt!

So, today I was filming my documentary in Kauppatori, central Helsinki. And as I was standing and filming long shots, one guy called Jamppa came to talk to me. He made straight away it clear that he has problems with health. He said he's not crazy, but that he's not normal. But as we talked I started to understood that he was extremely emotional and thoughtful.

He told me that he writes poems and wants to be a sailor, but that his father wont let him. He said he enjoys watching boats departing from Kauppatori, and that he is there every day watching them leaving. Also he told that he loves winter more than summer, but that winters he can't meet any new people.

We would talk about arts and what the water is. We had deep conversation with him, because he took everything all the time to the deep levels. I could understand that he spends a lot's of time alone - like me - but we were still so different persons. I said I spend lot's of time in bars and he said he hates the bar culture.

As the conversation continued, he started to tell me that he doesn't have any friends. He has only one cat. Also he said that he wants a girlfriend. I told him that a relationship doesn't save anything, but he said that he really wants one. He wanted one, because he never had one and it's very difficult for him to find any girl that would become his girlfriend.

He also told me that last winter was very difficult for him and he is afraid of this upcoming winter, because he won't meet anyone during that time, so he is totally alone.

Then I changed the subject to Norway's happenings. Jamppa told me his opinion: he said that from his point of view Breivik was a lonely man. He probably didn't have any girlfriend and was furstrated in life. So in a way he could emphathize him. I had to tell him straight away that Breivik's act was strictly political, it didn't have anything to do with if Breivik was lonely or not.

Then he looked surprised. People might think that lonely and emotionally outcasted people do mad things - like Breivik. But no, If we open our eyes, we might see the truth: this happens every day in some countries, especially in Middle East! This is political, it doesn't require anymore a depressed and outcasted person. It can be anyone. And from my point of view Breivik wasn't even thinking about sex in any way. He was thinking about his right-sided ideology being right. And he thought it required killing to prove them. He didn't understand that killing is something that isn't accepted normally.

A killer is a Killer.

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