Sunday, 24 July 2011

319th issue: Photo exhibition

There's going on at the moment an exhibition of Hannes Heikura. Who is this man? He's one of my favorite photographers in Finland. Heikura's photography just touches the moment. And they are always visually so beautiful as well. One picture I remember, and which actually won in 2008 the year's photograph competition was a picture of sailing boat crossin the Gulf of Finland. And the truth is just there, infront of your eyes. People can describe things, but this photograph tells it all.

(pic from here)
Yes, this picture shows the condition of our sea in year 2007. Heikura's style is indeed showing that less is more.

Heikura won the years photograph contest in year 1997 with this picture of Mika Myllyllä, who passed away just a few weeks ago... (pic from here)

Dark Zone


Helsingin taidemuseo (Tennispalatsi, 2nd floor)


There's also a photo exhibition of Ritva Kovalainen and Sanni Seppo named "Golden Forest"

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