Monday, 11 July 2011

316th issue: Summer holidays?

I was thinking how I'm not active on this blog at all at the moment. Before I would post something like 7 times a day. Now I hardly post once. Why's that?

Well, I'm working on a few projects at the moment. And when I'm not working on those projects, I'm drunk. Yes, drunk like most of the Finns. Also I'm enjoying this thing called "summer", because after 1,5 months it will be history again and all this happiness will be over and all the Finns will hide behind their shells.

So, I will be photographing, collecting things to write about and maybe edit some videos of Helsinki. I will be active again after the summer.

My life is so hectic, in one day everything can happen. If nothing happens concrete, my moods jump up and down and sideways. So I must have a whole big bunch of things to write then!

Someone's sandal has got stuck.....

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