Tuesday, 5 July 2011

310th issue: The power of media

Most of the time I hate media. I know the power of it and truly think that nowadays it's all about money. Sometimes media gets very nasty and brutal. Just like if you are a politician, someone famous in sports or a celebrity. As media is the one that shares everything, even things that are not true...

But we always might forget that there are rules in media too: there must be always that shocking drama happening that makes readers/viewers want to follow the object that shares these bits of media. Media dramatizes everything, just for money. And what is the result? Many deaths, suicides, depressed people who wanted to have their private life, but media didn't just let them keep any privacy, because of money...

The more shocking the news is, the more we want to read/see. The more we spend money.

Rest in Peace Mika Myllylä, I think it was media who killed you.

Nasty, nasty media.

Who was Mika Myllylä?

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