Friday, 1 July 2011

308th issue: Flea market in the park

There has been some flea markets organized in the parks. In these flea markets anyone can go and sell their stuff. This is a brand new phenomena in Finland and especially in Helsinki, as most of the flea markets are organized here!

Yesterday (20.6.11) there was organized one just round the corner of my home, in Kallio. It was a success, even it was thursday! Lot's of people gathered their stuff and came to sell what they don't need anymore and also meet friends.

One guy said in Channel Four (Nelonen) interview that "I think this is right. The politics in Helsinki is coming from further up from my point of view. This happening is really conducting the city culture. I think it doesn't matter how much the Music house* is liked, it's not only the culture. This kind of underground happening is." (note! this is a free translation by me, the original news found here)

Hopefully it will be organized again!!

* = (the one that they are building where VR Makasiinit were before)

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