Tuesday, 28 June 2011

304th issue: VR Makasiinit - you left us crying

VR makasiinit (VR warehouse(?)) were just middle of Helsinki. This charismatic place was a good place for underground gigs, on Saturdays and Sundays there where flea market, eko shop Ruohonjuuri had their shop there and otherwise it was excellent place for e.g photographing. So it was a total urban place, again a small bit of Berlin in Helsinki.

After Finland became more and more bourgeois, did some very clever people up with an idea about dismantle VR Makasiinit and build there a music house, even Finlandia house and Opera are just round the corner...

There were demonstrations, because people wanted to keep this place, but as  we who wanted to keep this place alive didn't have money or voice, they decided to build that music house. Soon VR Makasiinit burned "accidentally" and they had a good reason to dismantle it all. This happened 5th of May, 2006.

Still the decision-makers decided to keep a small part of Makasiinit as a memory...

Today (28.6.2011) Helsingin Sanomat wrote that decision-makers have a plan to dismantle this small bit of it as well. The whole article is found here (only in Finnish).

Ok, built a five star restaurant there, where us - normal citizens - can't afford to go. I'm so fed up with this country at the moment...

Burning (pic from here)

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