Tuesday, 14 June 2011

297th issue: Critique about Helsinki

A few days ago news papers wrote about British critic who came to Helsinki. Jonathan Glancey, who works for The Guardian, said that the new apartments in Eiranranta are like "dropped from helicopter". Also he went to Pikku-Huopalahti, which was built in the beginning of 90's and he said the architecture is "horrible".

Désolé, mr Glancey, but these areas tell about Helsinki. All these are story about how Helsinki has started to grow and how we have had to invent some way to make apartments faster as people started to move to Helsinki more and more. I understand that Glancey loves our jugend style houses, but they were built in the beginning of 1900's, those time there weren't that many materials to use for building houses. Also building a jugend house took time and cost lot's of money. In 1993 there was recession in Finland, so we coudn't build jugend houses. Also jugend isn't the style anymore.

We have our jugend houses, now we wan't to have some other kinds of houses, which represent this time. Sorry mr. Glancey, but look at the suburbs of England and come back to Helsinki after that....

When I was searching some news about this issue from Google, I found out a discussion which some person from the countryside of Finland started. In that he/she says "now you see, people in Helsinki, it's not the best place to live. What Jonathan said only fed the people in the countryside of Finland. Many people in the countryside say that people in Helsinki are arrogant, but it's not true either. This is a city and culture in Helsinki is different than in the countryside. Also people in the countryside never understand how to manage in Helsinki and therefore they blame us - who live in Helsinki.

Jonathan & people who live in the countryside of Finland and complain: move to the same planet to farm (and cheat money from EU) and built jugend houses. We're so over this in Helsinki, we want modernism!

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