Thursday, 9 June 2011

293rd issue: A new chapel

Something new is going to come in this exact place... (pic by me)
I was very surprised when my friend told me that they are going to build a new chapel to Narinkka quare in Kamppi (very central Helsinki). There are churches everywhere, so why one more? Also Kamppi is as well very popular place for teenagers to hang around, so for who is this place built to? It's not going to be a place for ceremonies, it's going to be a place where people can quieten.

Then I saw how this new chapel is going to look like and I loved it! For me, personally, this whole chapel thing is not important, because I don't even pay "church tax" (=in Finland if you "belong to church" you pay tax for this as well), but it represents Finnish design with a very nice way.

The main material is going to be something very typical - wood. For it's shape this new chapel reminds slighly Kirnu, which was Finlands pavilion in Shanghai World Expo and was designed by JKMM Architects. This chapel is designed by K2S architects.

(pic from here)

(pic from here)

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