Tuesday, 7 June 2011

288th issue: A dream family in Finland...

I'm sure being sarcastic with that topic. Mikkonen family is one of the most hated families in Finland. Why? Well, let's not mix the children in this, but Mr. and Mrs. Mikkonan has got something wrong in their brains.

Especially Mrs. Mikkonen is known for her aggressive type of speaking and her dullness to other people. She thinks always that what she says is the only right thing and everything else is s*it. Just like in Yle Aamu tv (morning tv) in 2009. The subject was something like how children should grow up and they were discussing if children should be put in kindergarden. Mikkonen said that children shouldn't be put to kindergarden, they should grow at home where the parents are loving the children. Also she said that kindergarden is from Nazi's and works like their ideology too. Also she mentioned something about people who want to end fur industry, but want to put children in kindergarden.

(The whole article can be red here. Only in Finnish)

Sorry for the children who some day are going to see the real world, where unicorns don't fly or even excist.

Here's a hilarious music video from the Mikkonen family. They are looking _so_ happy. I wish I had a childhood like that.... But if Mrs. Mikkonen is happy, why she has gain so many kilos?

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