Monday, 6 June 2011

287th issue: Summer holiday starts

Saturday was the final day for schools. Now it's officially summer in Finland! But as you might know about our relationship with alcohol, you can guess how this ended again...

I don't judge anyone for being drung and celebrating and I think it's part of growing. Especially for teenagers the beginning of summer holidays mean that they can finally go and party outside as they can't get in bars.

As the weather was extremely nice everybody headed to Helsinki. Also one place is such a cliche for teenagers to go on this special day: Hietaniemi beach (Hietsu). Today there was a photo collection from Hietsu from saturday. You'll never see so many 15-17 year old in one place!

See the photographs here!

(this one is my favorite:)

(Pic from Ilta-Lehti)

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