Friday, 3 June 2011

284th issue: The land of the thousand lakes

Finland is known for it's lakes. Thanks for the Ice age and Finland's geographic appereance. If you are arriving Finland with airplane, you'll be able to spot these lakes from air. I was arriving back to Finland and the sun was just setting. The seatbelt sign was on, so I didn't dare to take many pictures and the one I took didn't work out so well, but there you can see how lakes are really everywhere!

In '89 New York Times wrote short about Finlands lakes. In the article they say "Finland has one lake for every 26 people". Sure this number has rised a bit, maybe it's now one lake for every 30 people. Read the whole article here.

In Helsinki there aren't that many lakes. The sea is more known for Helsinki. But if you want to go for a lake just go to Espoo and there are heaps of lakes. One good place is Nuuksio, which is also a very good area to go and relax in the forest. I know many people from Helsinki escape to Nuuksio for a weekend to get close to the nature and relax. These people are especially freelancers, and I understand the reason: when you're a freelancer, your job is everywhere. Except in the forest.

More info about Nuuksio here.

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