Wednesday, 1 June 2011

282nd issue: Fishing in Helsinki?

Fishing for fun is.. fun. Catch and release is my style, but my friend told me that anyway the fish die for disease after releasing them, because they get wounds.

Yesterday we were coming from Caribou's gig and cycling the route to Kallio, which goes through Tokoi in Hakaniemi. The Gulf of Finland reaches Tokoi, but it's not a place to go for swimming. It's place for something else: fishing. I don't know if it's secret fishing that these men yesterday were doing, but they were catching fishes anyway. One guy got pretty big fish, it was probably 20 cm!

I don't know how these men dare to eat these fish, as they are very polluted and even Tschernobyl is still effecting the Baltic sea. Some people just don't care, because anyway we get effected by every kinds of pollution all the time...

Where's Tokoinranta?
Check out here

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