Wednesday, 1 June 2011

281st issue: Karhu shoes

Karhu means bear in Finnish. Bear is also our national animal. Murr..

Ricky wearing Karhu Fulcrum Star (pic from here)
Karhu is also a famous Finnish sporting goods company, which produces shoes, baseboll accessories, for skiing... Originally Karhu is from Punkaharju, which is in Easter part of Finland. The whole story started exactly 95 years ago. Karhu was more about sports for the first 60 years and even in the Olympics you could see them used. One famous name is Ricky Bruch, a Swedish athlete, who used Karhu's dunring his career in the Olympics. Ricky passed away 30th of May, 2011. RIP.

Time has go by and still Karhu's imago in Helsinki is huge...

Especially Karhu's old school sneakers are famous and people almost worship these shoes. Sure not everyone, but the ones who understand something about good shoes. These vintage sneakers are something people ages 26-35 remember their fathers wearing when they were children. You know what they say: "Your father was the original hipster"

Karhu has been reproducing 70s and 80s shoes and they are sold in Finland, but you'll be able to find them from other countries too, like from Italy. If you have been stick to those Nike, Adidas or Converse shoes, try next time Karhu sneakers!

Karhu Harlem Air (pic from here)

There's going to be Karhu 95yrs vintage exhibition from 1.-22.6.11

All grey showroom,
Pursimiehenkatu 5
(Part of Helsinki Design District)

Where to get Karhu Originals?
You might be able to find them from your country too, but nothings better than saying "I got these from their home country, Finland" Some places to check out is : , Finnish Design Shop and from normal sports shops like Intersport and maybe even Stadium have them.

Follow Karhu on the road!
Here you can follow Karhu's blog!

Happy 95th anniversary Karhu!

Ps. check out also the coolest t-shirt!

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