Sunday, 29 May 2011

280th issue: Gardening in Helsinki?

When I was a small kid, we had a garden at our place, but also we rented a place to get even more space for gardening. My both parents love gardening and every year they have something growing at least tomatoes, herbs and flowers for sure.

But I spent my childhood in Vantaa, which is not Helsinki. In Helsinki there are also gardening areas for rent, like in Herttoniemi (or Kulosaari I'm not sure which one it is). But there's also some other ways to grow your own veggies in the city...

Helsingin Uutiset wrote about gardening organization Dodo, which started in year 2009. Their plan is excellent especially for people who don't have garden: they offer small gardening area, where you can grow your own veggies and herbs during the summer. Dodo's gardening area can be found from Kalasatama.

The main idea is that you buy a sack full of soil for 18€. The price includes the soil, rent for the space and water. Then you just buy your own seeds and start farming.

I think the idea is good as well, because food is just so ridicilously expensive. And the food price is going to rise 5% this year (based on MTT - Finnish Agrifood research center).

Also lot's of veggies come from Spain, where they have at the moment some problems with the killer bacteria that has caused deaths in Germany. And during the winter all the cucumbers come from Spain to Finland. Sure some are produced in Finland, but everyone can't afford these, because Finnish cucumber is one or two times expensier than Spanish ones (check out more information about killer bacteria here)

Then I noticed that these "killer cucumbers" were organic. Hmmph.. First I was trying to take this post about supporting organic goods and how local farming is good thing, but I will have to forget things being organic and focus on local farming, which Dodo is specialized for.

Also in year 2012 when Helsinki is the design capital of the World there's going to be a gardening park in Pasila! Coolio!

Next year I'll start gardening!!

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