Saturday, 28 May 2011

279th issue: Urban Helsinki in nut case

My blog is more about notes I have made about Helsinki. Through HFUT I'm sharing my experiences and thoughts about Helsinki for everyone. So basiclaly my blog is very subjective. Now I found this web page, which is more objective about urban Helsinki. You can spot places from there and from my blog you can read my experiences.

I'm advertising Best of Helsinki, because I'm not compiting against bigger web-sites about Helsinki. I'm being myself as a person, I'm giving a face for urban person in Helsinki. Then there are companies, which have many workers, but still all the workers work under the same name. So actually you don't get that hold thight. What I mean is, that a story isn't a story if there's no actual character in it. Or do you want your character to be Nestle? Or Qantas? Or

A person can't fight against companies, one person can bring different kind of perspective up pretty easy and fast, when companies are often slower doing this. Companies have all these bureaucracy rules and after several meetings they can start think really about bringing up new things. And this takes usually about one year. Sure smaller companies work faster, but still it's not the same.

Any kind of blog with the keepers name stamped on it is important, though many of us bloggers don't make money out from this. But still we can share something that companies wouldn't, because they think it wouldn't pay off. I think the most important thing is not making money. Sharing thoughts is something more valuable than bling bling!

But I also had a point. It was this good website I found!

Check out Best of Helsinki, it's very usefull!

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