Tuesday, 24 May 2011

274th issue: A movie about Finnish youngsters in Helsinki

A movie called "Täältä tullaan elämä"  (free translate: Here we come life) is about three boys named Jussi, Pete and Hakkarainen. They are from East Helsinki, Kontula hoods which was before known as being rougher area.

These three boys all are in the same class, observation class. They come from broken families and and have lot's of furstration inside them. Result for this they are trying to be extremely cool dudes. They hate the society and the rules adults have set to them. Punks.

The movie itself is filmed like a documentary, and it supports the story well. Even though the voice is not that sharp, it doesn't require it, because these guys are fighting against exact things.

One reason for seeing this movie is that you'll see how Helsinki was like in the of end of 70's and the beginning of 80's.

24.5.2011 - Yle Teema at 9:55 pm

More info here (where I also took my sources. Only in Finnish)

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