Monday, 23 May 2011

273rd issue: Self guided city tour - iphone application

Before people would carry lot's of travel books with them. Everybody who has been backpacking remembers having a Lonely Planet book, brand new or recycled. And everybody who has been carrying this book remembers how annoying it was always to fit it in the backpack and finally dumped it in some hostel. But just in a few years have smart phones started to beat books up, simply because they are faster + light.

I have been writing about useful iPhone applications for traveling. has applications for various cities. One for Helsinki as well! This iPhone application helps you to discover cities extremely easy. Let's say you are in Ullanlinna: the application shows straight away places to go in Ullanlinna and how long your self guided tour will take. There are maps and photo's helping you to find the places.

If I couldn't explain myself well, here you can try how it really works!

Are you going on a trip soon or in the future? Now you can win three city walk iPhone applications to cities of your choice, courtesy of Correctly answer all ten questions about Helsinki below and e-mail them to for your chance to win. It's that simple. 

Good luck!

Helsinki Fun Facts Quiz

1. Finland's capital spans over an agglomeration of islands, precisely more than:
A. 200
B. 300
C. 400

2. The animal symbol of the city of Helsinki is the:
A. Squirrel
B. Polar Bear
C. Reindeer

3. There are only a few words in English which originated from the Finnish language. What is one of the few, if Finland has over two million of them:
A. Women
B. Saunas
C. Lakes

4. What is the oldest city in Finland, known to had been founded in the 13th century?
A. Tampere
B. Helsinki
C. Turku

5. What is Finland's national instrument, found also to be the oldest one?
A. Kantele
B. Hardingfele
C. Pilai

6. Finland has two official languages. One is Finnish, what is the other?
A. German
B. Swedish
C. Norwegian

7. Every year, Helsinki has an average of 121 days of:
A. Rain
B. Snow
C. Fog

8. Helsinki's plant symbol is the:
A. Willow
B. Pine
C. Maple

9. Finland is the only country in the world which broadcasts news in:
A. Sanskrit
B. Latin
C. Esperanto

10. The Finnish flag is white with a blue cross, white representing winter snow and blue representing:
A. Skies
B. Royalty
C. Lakes


Ps. has even Edith Piaf tour for Paris!

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