Sunday, 22 May 2011

272nd issue: Helsinki Design Week 2011

Kickstart to Helsinki Design Capital will start, when Helsinki Design Weekend (later mentioned as HDW) is held again on September. This happening includes heaps of Finnish designers and blah blah blah (all the same things I've been repeating before about Argos hall and so on). But this time there's a new and nice venue for HDW: The Old Customs Warehouse.

So, it's going to be a place where old and new meets and hopefully it all works well together. What I mean about mixing things that are totally from different generations can work, or all those modern things may look like trash. Think about a very old church and next to it building designed by Tadao Ando. Will it work or will it make new design look like .... nothing?

Or it may work perfect, depends on how good team they have making the venue look like HDW! And anyway, there are going to be parties as well held in the venue and for parties these kind of buildings are eeeeeexceleeeeeeent!

When is HDW?

Random old church (pic from here)

Modern design by Tadao Ando (pic from here)

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