Friday, 20 May 2011

271st issue: Finnair focuses on food

I'm known for my attitude against Finnair, because I have had a few issues with them.................

But as I will have to try to be sometimes a bit more objective, and as many people use Finnair for flying to Asia from all over Europe by stopping in Helsinki airport, I will have to tell some good news for these people. Ok, so first I will have to tell, that this is not actually for everybody. It would be excellent if it would, but you know when you are going to a plane and you walk through business class and you see those comfortable looking slippers, champagne glasses, seats that can turn in to bed...

On top of all these nice business class extras, Finnair offers a three different menu selections! There's Wellness and Energy menu (food with peace for mind and soul / I bet this doesn't have that creamy cheese cake?), Food Lover's Treat menu (home made-style food)  and Chef's Gourmet (basically gourmet).

I'm jealous. I fly often with Finnair to Japan, and I would love to have Wellness and Energy menu. But this would rise my ticket over 1 000€, so maybe I stick with my vegan meal......

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