Friday, 20 May 2011

270th issue: Costo hats

My class mate, Petteri, had today a hat which I got jealous about. Then he told me it was costo. Ahaa...

My favorite!
I've heard many times about Costo hats, I've seen them, but I've been always thinking they are kind of hats for sporty people, like snowboarders freetime hats. And actually Petteri is a snow monster, but still, his hat was super cool!

Basically Costo is a company three men run. All the hat's are handmade and try to be as ecological as it's possible, they boost this by e.g buying leftover materials from facories. Here you can read more about Costo's philosophy.

Hat's are made from wool, leather but also silk, fleece and a bit of viscose in some. 

But still, what I got interested was the whole idea of my friend's hat! It's simple, but works perfect.

My other friend said that Costo is so 2009, but I always prefer everything after the trend has calmed down. At least I didn't get interested about Costo because everybody has one, I got interested because I really liked it's cut!

Probably the most seen model.
A bit of leather?

I can see some fashionista wearing this with a black Versace suit.

Where to get Costo hat's?
Order online: here
Also WWF edition available here

Also available from many shops in Helsinki!

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