Thursday, 19 May 2011

267th issue: ice hockey fanatics vs people who judge them

First I want to mention that something has went wrong: because people judged the idiotic behavior of ice hockey fanatics, did many ice hockey celebrators get angry. Why? Because they didn't understand that people who judged this idiotic behavior (washing the streets of central Helsinki with pee, teasing immigrants, buning Sweden's flags, saying bad things about Swedish people.. etc), not the celebration.

What I want to say is, that people haven't understood the difference between idiotism and normal celebration. People have thought that people were judging all the celebrators and this is not true.

But this again is very Finnish. People think that people are agains them personally, but sure, go a head and celebrate. And I think all the celebrators who didn't burn flags, say that all Swedes are fags or acted like wild animals, are not even going near the line where idiotism and sophistication meets.

I just wanted to make this clear, because now people are yelling around "People who don't understand about ice hockey are generalaizing us!!" No, we weren't generalaizing, we started to talk about what is human behavior and what is not. Sure everybody didn't behave like primitive human.

Ha, and because of all this, Finnish singer/songwriter/artist/everything Mr. Ylppö decided to organize a same kind of party as there was for Finnish ice hockey team. The meeting place is exactly the same, Havis Amanda and Kauppatori area. Why he does this? Because if Aki Kaurismäki wins in Cannes film festival, is there anything better?! Isn't that or something worth of celebrating? It's much more rare to win in movie competition, when thinking about what movies are nowadays and how Aki does his.

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