Thursday, 19 May 2011

265th issue: Sepi Kumpulainen - a singer from Helsinki

Sepi Kumpulainen is known for being "Kaleva streets singing janitor". Kalevankatu is just in Kamppi, central Helsinki, and this is also where Sepi was working - or maybe he is working there still...

His songs are very simple, but still they stuck in you mind. One song is about how much fun it is to be drunk (Kännissä on kivaa olla), or how healthy is root meat (juuresliha on terveellistä syötävää). Sepi is a legend!

Some of his songs sound very depressing, but then he is singing totally nonsense:

 This one is about a small fly:

This one is one of the most known song from Sepi. It's about how great man he is. This song is dedicated to all ice hockey fanatics who use word "flower hat uncle" about people who don't support the act of fanatics after Finland won the World cup:

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