Thursday, 19 May 2011

263rd issue: A man is A man if....

Today Urheilulehti - a sports magazine - wrote about some dude called Petteri Sihvonen. First they tell that he's a master of science, but straight after this he shows that he is a total jerk...

In the interview he says:
 (translated with Google)

"Now the opportunists are on the move, double standardists and flower hat uncles. It's terrifying to follow this grotesque spectacle."

"Nyt ovat liikkeellä opportunistit, kaksinaismoralistit ja kukkahattusedät. On kammottavaa seurata tätä irvokasta näytelmää."
He is also working as an analysis of ice hockey for Urheilulehti, but if a human is so limited in what comes to collecting thoughts, I think this is not an analysis, this is again just something about repeating things that especially many Finnish men feel like makes them feel more like a man.

It seems like after this whole ice hockey scenery it's been all about being MEN. Ice hockey is kept like a MEN's sport, though women do it too. And when they beated up Sweden, these all unsure Finnish men became MORE MEN. Now they are confident again. For a while.

And I know that people in Sweden don't think much Finnish people: when they joke, they make mostly jokes about Norweigian people. And Norweigian people make jokes of Swedish people (and Finnish people. And Danish people). But Sweden is a huge issue for many Finnish men. Especially Swedish men are a huge issue for Finnish men. But I have always thought that Swedish men are much more handsome and stylish. So basically all this is jealousy.

There are plenty of handsome and stylish Finnish men too, but they are not unsure and try to be MEN. But then these other guys, who are like Sihvonen, who use words "flower hat uncle" about people who aren't hiding themselves behind being superMEN - who aren't unsure about themselves - could just look at the mirror and excepth the fact that they don't have to be a MAN, they can just be a man.

What a cocky pose (pic from here)

Sihvonen, read a book or something.

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