Wednesday, 18 May 2011

260th issue: Postmodern art = trash?

When True Finns were a huge topic, also a kind of line which Timo Soini said was flying around "Postmodern art is not art and it shouldn't be supported". Well, I don't know what Timo Soini says about postmodern design, but if he has negative vibes about it, I have a story for him...

And now, I was just watching the history of design, and especially postmodern design after the second World war. This was handling also Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. After the war it was all about using plastic. A new generation grew up and started to use this material, because they got fed up with very complicated shapes and they found these furniture also very conservative. Brown and natural colors changed to bright, bright colors and corners changed to rounds.

The best part of this was, that it was always affordable and useful. Polyester/plastic chairs were extremely fast to make as well. Qualities weren't that good, but it wasn't the issue, it was all about making many chairs for people to sit on.

Later on people understood how bad plastic is for environment and the boom of plastic ended between designers.

If this designers boom wouldn't have started ever, wouldn't there be all the kind of cheap plastic chairs, which you might remember from your holiday in Mallorca or Tenerife? Or Phuket. Now plastic chairs can be made in 60 seconds. Some plastic chairs are made from recycled materials as well, and I think there shouldn't be produced new plastic anymore, all the waste plastic should be reproduced.

The first plastic chair by Charles and Ray Earnes (pic from here)

A chair from your holiday in Phuket (pic from here)
But as Soini doesn't care much about the nature (or so I have understood), let's not focus in the nature friendliness...

So, if Soini is thinking that postmodern design is as useless as postmodern art is, should he remember that sometimes postmodern design makes things become more affordable for people, who are not rich and popular.

But also might be that Timo Soini loves postmodern design and has a huge collection at his home, who knows!

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