Tuesday, 17 May 2011

257th issue: After party..

One day after the great celebration for Finnish ice hockey team (later mentioned as Leijonat) and........

Last weekend I wrote about people in Finland and how they pee outside. Well, imagine, something around 60 000 people took part in the great celebration of Leijonat. Probably 50 000 people were drunk (I can't say what was the exact number, but I was in the central just before celebration started and it was like wild animal circus...)

So, today I went to the gym. Earlier this day my friend told me that people climbed up to the "castle of President" and peed to the roof. Ok, that's bad. Well, when I was parking my bike infront of Stockmann I noticed these yellow lines surrounding me. Then the smell came to my nose. Holy moly, the whole place was on PEE!

And I think this phenomenon won't get better becuase lately they have started taking charge for using toilets. And public toilets just are disgusting.

So, now central Helsinki is one huge public toilet!

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