Tuesday, 17 May 2011

255th issue: Racism strikes again

After Finland won the ice hockey World Cup jumped up negative vibes: racism woke up again. Yesterday I could read from facebook from my friends status' how badly some Finns were treating people from other cultures, even children. A friend of mine, Sami, updated a status where he told his experience from metro: "A guy with Finnish ice hockey team shirt took a Finland hat off from a boy who had other cultures background, and Finnish man said "you don't have right to wear this!"

Similar situations were lived all around Helsinki. This is sad sad sad.

Now people are writing address for Finlands ice hockey team (later mentioned as Leijonat). In the address they want ice hockey team to judge racism. Already 7 967 people have signed it - just in one day.

Here you can sign it.

Today Helsingin Sanomat wrote about the issue and team leader of Leijonat have replied as saying :

(again free translation by me)
"Our strength is that each one of us have bring effort and all have had the opportunity to be themselves. Everyone in the team are like in home, and this is our strength in this tournament."

"Meidän vahvuus on se, että jokainen on tuonut oman panoksensa ja kaikki ovat pystyneet olemaan omia itsejään. Jokainen on joukkueessa kuin kotonaan, ja se on ollut meidän voima tässä turnauksessa"

The whole news here (only in Finnish)

From my point of view there should be bigger campagn organized and especially by Leijonat, because they seem to effect Finnish people, more than our President or even police.

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