Monday, 16 May 2011

250th issue: SORRY SWEDEN!

Iltalehti wrote today, about Finnish fanatics who went to the border of Sweden after the game. They went there only to behave like wild animals. Drunk Finns burned Sweden flags, strated fights and one person got hit by a car as well.

(the whole article here. Only in Finnish)

This is so stupid. Sorry Sweden.

Also I couldn't avoid seeing from Facebook, that some people have done X mark with two penis to Sweden flag. This is because some of the animals always say that Swedish people are gay, because many Finnish men are gay phobics...

Swedish people, I know you are much more sopisticated and I want to just say that this is deeply embarrassing to Finland. After this you have all the rights to dislike us, it's true: WE FINNS ARE UNSOPHISTICATED WILD ANIMALS!

First True Finns, then this... what else will boost our national idiotism?

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