Monday, 16 May 2011

249th issue: Helsinki wildlife: Ice hockey fanatics

Ice hockey fanatics (Latin: fanaticus idiotus) are wild animals, who you can see in the central Helsinki every 16 years. So we are talking about very rare creatures now!

You'll recognize them from their shape: usually they are round because they eat lot's of sausage and other unhealthy food. Also they'll be swimming in Esplanade park's Manta fountain with only boxers on. Also they drink lot's of beer and probably yell "PERRRRRRRKELE"

You'll hear these creatures far away: they'll be yelling "NY RILLATAAN", "NY DOKATAA", and singing songs: "SUOMI ON UUSI MAAILMANMESTARI", "IHANAA LEIJONAT IHANAA" and "DEN GLIDER IN". This creature spiece is rare in Helsinki central, but if you travel just to Vantaa, you'll see these people walking in the wild a lot. Usually these creatures travel to central by train, but also they might have a car wher ethey play harcore trance or Finnish bands such as Dingo, Eppu Normaali or Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu. But now they'll be playing song where Finnish ice hockey presenter, Antero Mertaranta, is presenting ice hockey game and there is a trance beat behind (it's that "Ihanaa Leijonat ihanaa" -song).

Here's a picture of typical Fanaticus Idiotus:

(picture from Helsingin Sanomat)

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