Monday, 9 May 2011

246th issue: Why Helsinki For Urban Travelers???

When I was backpacking around the world, would it always take time to settle down in new place and find the things I really like. Sure travel companies offer different kinds of package tours for budged travelers, but I was alway thinking those were a rip off. And to be honest, I wasn't that interested about seeing those 12 apostoles in Australia. And if I wanted to see them, would I search for a group of people to go there with me, by a hired car. Not with a tour bus.

What I wanted to find from the new places were bars, that would play music I like, 2nd hand shops, art galleries that would focus in postmodern art - especially local postmodern art, vegetarian restaurants, and especially I wanted to meet interesting people from who I could learn tips and tricks for my future. And maybe they could learn something from me.

This is the reason I started HFUT. I want you to find easier places you like, but don't know where to find them. Especially because many travelers come to Helsinki for only a weekend, it's important that in these few days you have the opportunity to get closer to the Helsinki you want to see.

Also I mix here my opinions about politics. And when entering a country it is very good to know something about the countries politic situations. You can base your knowledge in my writings and when some Finn disagrees, you'll get more perspective which is always good! When trying to talk to someone and that someone just says "what a piece of crap", then you know that you are not going to have anything to talk with this negative person and go and talk to some other Finn.

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