Sunday, 15 May 2011

246th issue: Finally 90% of Finland is happy

I'm not into ice hockey, but I couldn't avoid the fact that Finland won ice hockey World cup. Last time this happened in 1995 and since that, people have been talking about that year. 95 is just the year everybody remembers, if you ask "what happened in year 1998?" no one can answer ou, but if you ask the same question by changing 8 to 5, you'll get one answer: "Finland won the ice hockey world cup..."

I'm at my home in Kallio and I can hear cars beeping, people yelling and singing outide. Also just after Finland had won, I heard one ambulance driving past. Someone got heart attack probably...

So, winning the championship is a big thing for Finnish people. Something like 72% of all Finnish citizens voted in the elections, but I can bet that 90% of Finnish watched this game...

Interesting part of this is that finally Finnish people are happy, like with a full heart. Ok, spring made people happy, but ice hockey means more than spring. Actually I was hoping that next elections would be organized as an ice hockey game. The team (meaning party) wins, get's in the parliament..

True Finns vs. Social Democrats
Greens vs. Christian democrats
Left party vs. National coalition party
Centre party vs. Muutos 2011


From now on Finnish people remember two different years: the year 1995 and the year 2011.

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