Saturday, 14 May 2011

245th issue: Friday or saturday 3am - 5 am, Helsinki

When you experience Helsinki central sober and especially friday or saturday 3 am to 5 am, it sure is an experience. Gladly you don't understand what people are talking about, if you don't speak Finnish. And this really saves your beautiful ears.

I was cycling in central, coming from work. Then I saw a penis. Yes, a guy had chosen a very good place for pee - "behind" a tree. Well, behind a round thing is not very like being behind something. Ok, that dude was behind the tree for his friend, but for mee it was all his penis.

But then I was like "oh well, what ever". This is actually very normal: Finnish people pee in the streets a lot when they are drunk. Sometimes some Finns get arrested in Estonia, because they think it's ok to continue this habit there.

I have never ever been in a welfare country, where people would pee outside so much. And they pee everywhere: the more drunk the person is, the less he/she cares. I've seen people peeing in the street, just like that.

I bet all Finns pee in the swimming pool as well. So remember that when you go to swimming with a Finn next time...

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