Tuesday, 17 May 2011

253rd issue: Sauna = Finland

I haven't written anything about the most cliche thing about Finland: sauna. Sure in Helsinki people love sauna too, bigger apartments have their own sauna's, while smaller block of flats have share sauna's in the bottom floor or in the top floor. Merihaka has the coolest sauna, it's in the 16th floor and you can have a nice view to the sea from the rooftop balcony.

Also all the swimmin hall's have saunas as well as gym's. Now there are these modern saunas available as well - infra sauna's. Too, there are public saunas for everybody's use, like in Kallio there's one old and also it has got a "cult" imago.

There are also saunas available for private uses, like if you rent a place, meaning cottage or so for company's party or wedding party etc. you name it.

Here you can see list of places you can rent

How about the sauna culture then? Weeelll, you have to get naked. I've herad many especially foreigners saying "noo, I don't want to be naked", but what's wrong with nakedness? When you are going to sauna, you are going to relax. It's not a place where you are competing against others who has the biggest penis. Or if you have forgot to shave, who cares, it's sauna. Some people give birth in sauna and sure women don't looks like models when they are giving a birth.

I think the penis issue is the biggest between men. I was watching on of my 500 channels a few nights ago, and probably 20% of them show porn during the night. So, I couldn't avoid seeing this jumbo sized penis one guy had. And I couldn't avoid thinking how that man could kill someone with that penis, by just hitting with it to someones head when he has an erection.


Ok, so why men have penis issue? Because they are comparing their penis' to those porn movies. Who really has that gigantic penis, c'mon. And Finnish men's average penis size is 13.52 cm, and they have fourth smallest penis in Europe, according to Bild (the whole list found here). I mean..if you were afraid of going to sauna with Finnish men and you're a man..

So, just get naked when you go to sauna.

And if you are a female and thinking about that you are fat or hairy or your boobs are different size... We don't care. We are so used to be naked, so it's slightly pervert to go and look someone in sauna with a blink in the eye. It's not something you just do, or would do. When you go to sauna, it's like "family" thing, you are all in the same boat even if you wouldn't be even relatives in any way.

You can also rent a sauna.

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