Tuesday, 10 May 2011

237th issue: Finland - the country of contrasts

Linda, a friend of mine, posted this on Facebook and I saw it straight away as a gateaway to show why sometimes it's difficult to understand our behavior..

Wikipedia says that in year 2006 from our 5 300 000 people 1 062 committed a suicide. In year 2009 the number got lower: suicide rate was 1 034. Also between these years something has happened: people have strated to travel more. 

Especially after Madventures - a mad travel program - started to come from TV people got more inspired about the idea of traveling. But this is only my theory... Also I have been slightly against Madventures, because people have taken them too literally and think traveling is all about hanging in the rainforests with different Indian tribes, or that it's about eating monkey brains. But secretly I still keep the idea in my head that Tunna and Riku have probably saved lives.

Check out Madventures

Before there weren't that much travel programs for younger generations. There was this one program where a snob guy would travel around and smoke sigars. Viewers couldn't identify themselves at all in him.. Or maybe they didn't even want to, because this dude was awkward...

Check out who is Folke West

Madventures imitating Folke West:

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