Monday, 9 May 2011

236th issue: Ben & Jerry's and the Baltic sea

I wrote about Ben & Jerry's being one of the reasons girls are getting fat in Finland. But fat keeps us warm during the cold winter, so it's not bad to be fat.

Also Ben & Jerry's is the main head for a project held in 2011: it's to collect money for the Baltic sea. The main project is called Operaatio Merenenito and is organized by WWF.

For this summer I will be doing a short documentary about the Baltic sea to Ympäristökeskus, Environment Centre. Baltic sea is said to be the most dirtiest sea in the whole world. There are plenty of reasons why the Baltic sea is dying: one thing is that in St. Petersburg they dont have proper wastewater treatment plants, and there lives 5 million people. Also one reason is that the gateaway for Baltic sea is so small, that the water doesn't have possibility to move and mix with the Atlantic ocean. 

Finland has it's own part in this too, sometimes I've been thinking how clever it is to dump snow into the sea? Snow has all kind of shit (literally) mixed in it, and by dumping it to the sea lot's of things that shouldn't end up there exactly ends up there....

Thumbs up Ben & Jerry's! Thanks for a nice though! And the biggest thanks goes sure to WWF!

More about Project Baltic sea here

The Baltic sea. The green area is the most badly effected area. (pic from here)

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