Monday, 9 May 2011

234th issue: Kallio food markets and service

 There are several food markets in Kallio. Just next to Kallio is Sönräinen, where you'll find Lidl and K-market. Also there's Siwa. Then in Kallio, especially in Helsinginkatu there's S-market and Alepa. Alepa serves until 11 pm. Also there's another Siwa near by.

In 1 km there are 6 food markets + one S-market more near Valtteri flea market.

But I just want to write how awesome atmospheres some of the markets have. My favorite is that Alepa, because the people working there are super chill and aren't even trying to be official. They are totally continuing the Kallio atmosphere. I bough an ice cream which cost 60 cents. The cashier guy said "KUUSKYMPPII", meaning sixty. In other markets they would say "60 cents, thank you (+ do you have bonus card)". 

After he said KUUSKYMPPII I just started to laugh, it was hilarious! Thumbs up Kallio, keep it going like this! We don't need to be something we're not. And when we don't try, we can just feel good energy flowing!

KUUSKYMPPII hahhahahahah...

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