Sunday, 8 May 2011

230th issue: Night clubs in Helsinki have troubles

I came accross interesting news about the problems Finnish clubs are having. I have been working several years in a bar and have see nthe madness how many drinks people buy. And I have also been the one who spends sometimes 200€/night for drinks. 200€ was roughly my 20 hrs salary! And in 20hrs you fly to Australia from Helsinki. So, it's a long time, compared to that I spend it on drinks in 8 hrs.

Why so much money? Because bars a re just so expensive. And that's one reason clubs are having problems. One cider is around 5.50-6€ and beer is 5-6€ (cheapest ones). Shots are something like 5-6€, gintonic 8€... Wine is something like 7€ (16cl).

From Alko you get a bottle of wine easy with that 7€, you get 70cl bottle of cheapest gin with 16,97€ (based on Isokaato). So, if you buy a gintonic you pay half price of a bottle, just for 4cl!

Ok, it has also tonic water and a slice of lemon, but those won't rise the price that much as they are ordered as wholesale. In Alko Scweppes tonic costs 1,55€ and you make three GT's from this. A lemon costst around 40 cents and you get 10 slices from it.

(here you can see the prices of some products. Only products with less than 22% alcohol)

Prices are stupid expensive, but it's only one problem why clubs are not managing so well. There's also this thing: people don't go to bars to anymore to meet people, social media has taken this role! Yes, social media again. People contact each other on Facebook and ask out. Then they go to park and maybe buy a bottle of wine to get the atmosphere relaxed.

Thanks social media, because of you we don't have to drink ourselves totally hammered to meet people. We would do this because we were shy. Now we can contact eachother online (well this is not new thing, but maybe more and more people dare to try this out). This suits our shyness as well!

Sorry clubs/bars, but salaries keep on staying low. Bars are going to sink biiig time...

PLUS: I forgot to put here the article from Helsingin Sanomat (only in Finnish)

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