Saturday, 7 May 2011

229th issue: Bad habits

There are some annoying bad habits which I face often. And I think these bad habits are especially Helsinki based, because in the countryside people do really come and talk to you. I was visiting my relatives in Joensuu and got confused how strangers in the street would come and talk to me. Like really have a chat!

One bad habit which I face often is when we speak Turkish with my father. There are certain kind of people who stare at us when we talk. They are usually around 50 year old women. We don't speak it loud, but they still hear that we speak a strange language. I understand they are interested, but they always have this angry kind of look at their face, because they are embarrassed about staring at us, but at the same time they want to see what kind of people are speaking this strange language. And especially when I speak Turkish, I do say Finnish words in between because I don't remember all the words in Turkish always.. But why are you staring?! Leave people communicate! If I would ask "why do you stare" they would say like angry bear "MMMR" and walk away... They have problems.

So this staring issue is very annoying, and you'll be noticing this as well if you pay attention.

Then, another annoyin thing is how people dont CARE. Yesterday I was in the central and looking at magazines. Next to me there was a girl and in front of her two magazines dropped in to the ground. What did she do? Looked at the magazines and walked away. In this kind of situation many Finnish think "it wasn't me, I m not going to lift it  up"

I wrote about this before, when Finnish people are ignorant when it comes to telling someone when she/he drop something. And yesterday I saw twice this kind of situation. What's up Finnish people?! Why didn't that girl lift up those magazines.. Ok it wasn't her fault and we are not searching for guilty one, but you become guilty when acting so selfish.

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