Friday, 6 May 2011

226th issue: Single men in Helsinki

The more I have been writing about impossible relationships between Finnish male, have guys been contacting me, because they want to find a reason why is it so difficul to really make a relationship. As I have wrote, the biggest problem is a trauma Finnish men have. First they are attached to their mother, then comes a woman who they fall in love and later on this woman has probably broke their heart. After this the men have become more sensitive and traumatized.

Today my friend sent me a text message, after I wrote him that he should really work for girls harder. I, as a female, have been running after guys and the more I have ran, the more they have ran away from me. I don't remember if I have already written this, but literally once a guy ran away from me. HE RAN! Physically! Imagine!

I kept still trying and all the guys kept running. Mentally or physically. This year I decided to give up running after guys and decided that guys can run after me, I ain't no giving attention to them anymore: they have broke my heart enough many times, though I have never deserved it.

And suddenly all the guys are all over me. Now I can only pick up which one I want, and it's sure that I take the one who does the most things to attrack me. I'm just enjoying attention, because before I was the one who was giving the attention and these guys sucked all my energy. Now I'm sucking my energy back.

But my point is, that all these miserable guys in Finland, who don't feel like finding a girl, I say that give attention to girls. But not like sending text messages 5 times a day and calling every day. Stay chill, but still show that you like that girl. But don't push her.

My personality is not the best example in this, because it is the one which has scared all the guys away. But the truth is that I have to talk. I have to say how I feel, otherwise things stay inside my head and I go insane. I'm not locked emotionally, as many of the guys have been.

This is also the mistake many Finnish guys make: they could talk and tell how they feel...but nah...noo...too much hassle. Then after 3 years they come crying "boohoo, I was in love with you", dork, why did it take you 3 years to understand it. I got gray hair because of you. I ain't no taking you back, because I'm only 26 years old and I've got gray hair. Next time you would make me bold.

So, if guys keep on being this stupid: they run away from girls, they don't talk about their emotions or they keep on calling 24/7, it's always a mistake. I know it's hard to find a balance, but that's the fun part of living: to learn to understand others and find a different balance with everyone separately. Don't be so god damn egocentric "No, I'm not" YES YOU ARE!

"Once I ran to you, now I'll run from you"

PS: like I haven't traumatized after a guy has ran away from me! I have never killed anyway, and a person has ran away from me like I was a disease!

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