Friday, 6 May 2011

222nd issue: Train corporation VR

VR has been a huge issue in Finland. They have had so many problems: trains have been freezing, technical problems, problems with their workers and at the end lately people have start beating up conductors.

Today I was thinking, why there isn't a new train company coming to Finland, they would make a great business. Just like in Japan, there's Japan Railways, but at the same time there is e.g  Keio line. I know people would prefer other company, if there only was.

Today I had my first problem with VR, as I don't use often trains. I only use them when I'm going to my mother and today was the day I was heading to my mothers. Ok, so I had 5€ bill in my hand and I wanted to charge my travel card, because this way my trip costs only 0.85€ (as I'm  student). Otherways it's something a bit over 2€.

So I went to a charging machine at the station and I click "5€, pay cash..." Then I was putting my 5€ bill, but I didn't find a place for it. Soon I noticed IT DOESN'T TAKE BILLS?! Only coins and card. Seriously?

Then I went to a Kiosk, but it had so huge line, that I didn't see a reason to wait 5minutes, as when people are in the station, they are usually in a hurry. And so I missed my train. Since when bills haven't been money?!

VR, you make peoples life hell.

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