Friday, 6 May 2011

221st issue: Helsinki wildlife: badger

Yesterday (5.5.2011) newspaper Vartti wrote about badger who was found from Kallio.

In Helsinki you can spot badgers from eastern part, like form Herttoniemi and Laajasalo, but it's rare to see them so close to central as Kallio is. Vartti wrote that badger has probably swam from islands near by. Though lately the weather has been pretty windy and the waves have been pretty huge (compared to badger) so if this badger has swam to Kallio, has he/she survived well.

Lately lot's of "wild" animals have been found near central Helsinki. I think this is because people act like wild animals when they are drunk, so these animals have felt comfortable to settle here with people.

Welcome to Kallio, badger!

Badger in Helsinki (only in Finnish)

Badger (pic from here)

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