Friday, 6 May 2011

220th issue: Helsinki urban traveling

Yesterday I was talking on the phone with my friend, Olli. He said that I'm an urban traveler, because I travel all the time by bike. As normal, I took this first like an insult, because everytime someone tells me something about me (meanng what I am), I start saying "no, that's not true" (very bad habit). I do this because I never want anyone know the real me, I want to keep myself to myself. I like to be isolated in some way.

Well, Olli was right, I'm an urban traveler in Helsinki. I travel by bike as long as it's possible. Also there are a few other ways to be an urban traveler in Helsinki: one is longboarding. In last few years longboarding has become very popular between people in Helsinki. Also skateboarding is in high culture here, but longboarding is better for reaching longer distances. Especially there arevery nice roads for longboardin, my favorite is in Töölönlahti.

I have also a longboard. Actually I have two longboards but my sister took the other one from me. Also I was talking about bicycles with my edit teacher and he said "first I was thinking about buying a bicycle, then I bough a longboard!"

So, if you have a longboard, take it with you to Helsinki. It's a very nice way to travel between central even to Kumpula and Arabia. Or anywhere in Helsinki!

My best friend, Sarah, is a hardcore longboarder and has even taken part in girls longboarding competition! Here longboarding doesn't look at sex at all, everyone does it!

This one is from Ullanlinna:

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