Thursday, 5 May 2011

216th issue: My style today

Heh, I was talking today with my friend, Olli, about taking pictures and especially taking pictures of ourselves to see how we look. I probably said something "Before I would take pictures of myself to see how I look..."

Then.. I was looking on my iphoto library and suddenly I remembered: last time I took a picture of myself to see how I look was TODAY. You see, my sofa is covering my mirror, so I don't see myself totally, so iphoto is good for this...

Jeans: Acne, Shirt: 2nd hand Levis (2€!), shoes: Tiger of Sweden
Also today my mother told me that I talk sometimes too much about myself. Lately my favorite word has been "narcissm", because I have been trying to find good sides of being a narcisst. Obviously I have become one myself. Hoho.


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