Thursday, 5 May 2011

214th issue: I'm cool in my town, how can I be cool at yours? (vol 1)

You know, there are things that you hear people saying, and after they say it you start thinking "oh, actually he/she's a pretty cool person. It's just like saying to anyone who has been in Melbourne "I love St Kilda". That's just total agreement with the listener (usually) and after this the listener knows you are into hippyish stuff and especially that you are a chill person.

There are similar things in Helsinki as well. I know one thing that is a total agreement with almost everyone and after you say this, the listener usually accepts you. Here it is:

"I hate Lauri Tähkä"

Lauri Tähkä is a very horrible singer from Western Finland, Vaasa. Everything is wrong with this singer: his words, his sound/voice and all the atmosphere that he creates. Gladly Tähkä announced, that he is quiting. And so he did. WOOHOO!

I think Lauri Tähkä was a total collection of rube side of Finnish people. He also sings with a western Finnish dialect, which doesn't sound very...nice. I don't say something is wrong with this dialect, but...Lauri Tähkä...please....

Why should you dislike Lauri Tähkä? Because lot's of people in Helsinki does... After you dislike him, you become cool!

More about Lauri Tähkä here

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