Wednesday, 4 May 2011

212th issue: Bicycle cops

Helsinki is training at the moment polices, who will be focusing on everything happening between cyclists.

The main idea is to keep cyclists away from walking areas. But here comes my favorite: they will be keeping people away from bicycle paths. This truly annoys me, because everytime I'm in central Helsinki, someone is always(!!) walking in cycling path. And there are not that many cycling paths available, so when there really are these for use, people don't care about where they walk.

As I have written, I don't want to commit a suicide while driving a bicycle, I will continue cycling through Hämeentie wlaking path and get as many fines as I can (if these cops will be giving them). Or as much as I'm getting tax back, with 463€ I can take those fines, ok!

Here you can see cycling paths in Helsinki

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