Wednesday, 4 May 2011

211th issue: Mistakes many Finnish men make

Lately I have got new perspective again. I don't know is it because it's spring and it's giving me inspirations and energy, or is it because I decided to focus in my future - not on trying to understand some guy who just sucks all the energy out from me.

Communication is important and as many of Finnish men are shy, they rather prefer keeping their mouth closed and holding their personality inside them. They are self-contained.

(Again I'm not saying all of the Finnish men are like this, but for some reason I suck this kind of people...)

I think what many of Finnish men don't seem to understand is, that every female like that they are being noticed. Often what I have marked, is that men in Finland want to be the ones who have "oh so many problems in life", "so much to think at the moment"....

I know every date is not ment to click, but I believe that many Finnish men should stop focusing on their own belly and how many problems they have in their life, because we all have problems and no one can say "my problems are bigger than you and this is the reason I m not going to call you again"

And everytime that I have been dumped (in last 3 years 3 times) I've been always dumped before I have had chanse to show really who I am. These guys havent given me a chanse. I can't say I have been always nice to all the men I have dated and actually when I was 18 year old, would I always dump guys like this. But now all these guys I have been (trying) to date in 3 years have been same age as me or a few years older.

I can't say that I have been the best person to date, but usually I'm not unsure person, because I don't base my being for "to be or not to be", because I just am! All these unsure men have sucked my energy, they really have, because I have tried to understand them and the more I have tried the more they push me away, rather than they could want to meet me and talk face to face. They just leave me hanging...

What I mean is, that many people wouldn't be unsure, if they could just manage to be a bit more open!

I want to add one more thing I came up with: a finnish journalist Kirsi Piha wrote in 2006 about the salary differences between male and female. In Finland it has been a huge issue, because male get usually better salary automatically. Piha was writing, that if everything would be more open (meaning people would be more open) and stuffs would be more public, would this salary issue end.

There are plenty of things that would be different, if people only would open their mouth and minds!

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